Monday, 5 July 2010

Kiss Me Quick! Before My Husband Sees!


According to my Mystical Font Of All Knowledge (Wikipedia), National Kissing Day / International Kissing Day / World Kiss Day was introduced to encourage people to enjoy the pleasure of kissing, not as a social gesture or as a pre-cursor to more passionate activities, but just for the sake of having a good old pash.

I remember the days before I realised that it was grossly unfair on a teenage boy to spend hours innocently snogging his face off (I should stress that I was a teenager at the time too), getting massive butterflies in my stomach and probably incredibly chapped lips too.

This was fairly wild behaviour back in the days when the majority of your year finished secondary school without their own dependants. Either that, or I was a massive prude. Hmmmm...

Is there a greater feeling than that first, tentative, unexpected kiss with someone you have fancied for ages? Probably, but I'm an old romantic and am feeling nostalgic, but I'll save all that up for the Mills & Boon novel I've got in the pipeline.

Anyway so tomorrow is all about the kissing. To celebrate, Julie from Changing Faces has given us some tips for getting a perfectly kissable bright red pout, which you can read here on Un-Working World.

Unfortunately Mr G did not seem too keen on the "Kissing Booth" I made earlier this evening so it looks like I won't be getting any cheap kicks tomorrow. Dammit.


  1. Be careful who you kiss as it can be hazardous to peoples health

  2. I agree with sentence 4. At school I had the chance but for a stupid reason? never did.

  3. I am intrigued. Come on Anonymous commenter number 2, who did you fancy at school and never quite plucked the courage up to kiss? It wasn't our very own working girl was it?

  4. Ha ha, I am sure the un-working girl would love to think it was her. I vote she uploads photos of what she looked like at school so we can all decide for ourselves whether she would have had a queue of boys lined up for a snog. Seriously though, come on Anonymous 2 did you fancy the un-working girl at school? I doubt you need to worry much about what Mr G would think, I don't think he'd mind a break!

  5. Yes I would love to think it was me! How exciting!

    But I somehow doubt it, of course I will dig out some old school photos and you'll see why
    (or just photoshop a pic of me from this blog to make me thin, with bushier eyebrows, a Croydon facelift, bright blue eyeshadow and Boots No 7 lipstick in "Morticia Frost")...

  6. Reply from anonymous 2. Miss Marple is very good. Maybe you can dig up the truth? a school picture should help me remember.

  7. As much as I am enjoying the photo of the Un-working Girl as a little un it's the teenage years I really want to see - I'm hoping they'll persuade anonymous 2 to confess their crush ... Come on now, you're amongst friends ...

  8. Miss Marple i am also looking for more details. This post has been left behind. Back to you Un-working Girl.

  9. I haven't forgotten I just can't find any school pics. I think I painted a fairly accurate picture in the post though...
    I still want to know who this mystery person is though... I don't recall there being any blind people in my year.