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Monday, 30 August 2010

Must Be Number One

Now I've spent a little too long twittering away about X Factor so I'll have to write more on this subject (it's basically the same subject: Different channel) later.

I talked earlier about Sky One's Must Be The Music. I LOVE it!

Last night was the first live semi-final. Five acts performed their own songs and then two were voted through to the final of the competition. As soon as they had performed, the acts' songs were available to download from iTunes.

As we know, I am a sucker for shows like this and I do tend to get a bit caught up in them. That said, with the exception of Diana Vickers's album, I have never bought any of their music.

Until now...

Click here to see this lovely song by Pepper & Piano which is currently at number 5 in the download chart!   If you like it you can buy it from iTunes for just 59p and all the profits go to the artists.

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