Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Question...

I just had a brief text conversation with an impoverished friend (who shall remain anonymous), telling me that they just narrowly escaped being caught red-handed nicking a loo roll from work.

I had to admit that I had once done the exact same thing myself!

Has anyone else ever fallen upon such hard times that they have had to pilfer household essentials from their workplace, or is it just us?!

Own up below...

Disclaimer: Stealing is, of course, wrong.

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  1. I cleaned caravans one summer. I made more than my wages by not throwing things away, I got: cleaning materials, toiletries, unopened food, towels etc where people had just left stuff in the caravan, I started taking a cool box and ice packs as they would leave the freezer and fridge full. anything unopened went to my house, we were skint and some posh shower gel or expensive yogurts were a real treat - oh, i got plenty of loo roll too!