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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tweets, Blogs and Big Hugs All Round.

I should explain... The reason I Tweeted Sara Cox was because she's been writing some fantastically witty blog posts about parenting recently, (which you can read here) and she was upset because some people had taken the time to post really negative comments underneath.

I have been really fortunate that the majority of the feedback I get is lovely and supportive, but on the occasions where people have been a bit mean, or misunderstood my point, I have taken it really personally. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I'm just one insignificant person rambling on about things that seem funny or important to me at the time - I never set out to offend anyone or for much of it to be taken too seriously, and I don't understand why some people are so nasty. Anyone who has ever lingered over the comments sections of thisisplymouth will understand what I mean. Come on everyone, hug it out!

When I do eventually achieve global stardom (which, face it, is now imminent since I've just become BFFs with Coxy) I know I'm going to find it difficult to take any criticism.
So I just quickly wanted to say thanks to you all for being so lovely and supportive and for "getting it". Please check out Sara's blog, it's v funny.

Right, got to skedaddle. Me and Mr G are having a Virgin+ crisis - the box has just gone off in the middle of Law & Order UK!

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