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Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Verdict

Remember that epic story where I fell over in Kracow and hurt my arm? Oh how we laughed!

Ummm... I've got to have an operation to rebuild my elbow. Under general anaesthetic. And stay overnight at the hospital.

The stray bit of bone floating around on the X-ray was, in fact, attached to my muscle - which is no longer attached to my elbow where it is supposed to be and it's all got to be stitched back together*. The consultant, an elbow specialist of some description, was so intrigued by the injury he is carrying out the procedure himself, and said if it is left longer than next week my arm might seize up. How on earth have I done this much damage by falling down two steps?!

Weirdly, since getting the diagnosis it seems to be hurting a lot more...

* This has very helpfully been indicated on the X-ray with the use of a giant question mark.

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