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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

VERY Important Update

Cadburys workers today breathed a collective sigh of relief at the news that their biggest client is successfully reintroducing chocolate into her diet following a period of abstention that lasted 4 months.

The future of the confectionery brand was plunged into uncertainty when their number one customer, who has been known to eat as many of six bars of their chocolate a day, unexpectedly went off sweet foods during the first few months of her pregnancy, causing company profits to plummet.

The mystery chocoholic, who wished only to be known as "The Un-Working Girl", said in a statement "I'm very relieved that I can once again enjoy my favourite treats and am proud to be doing my bit for the UK economy during such difficult times".

One worker at Cadbury's confessed, "it was touch and go for a minute there but we're all hopeful that the business will recover now that she's back in the zone".

The Un-Working Girl said she could "neither confirm nor deny" that the baby's favourite chocolate bar appears to be a Boost.

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