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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Plymouth's Got Talent

I watched, for the first time, an entire episode of Britain's Got Talent on Saturday. I must confess this was primarily because I love new judge Michael McIntyre and was expecting him to be entertaining. What I wasn't expecting was this:
(You'll have to click on the link for the video because YouTube won't let me post it here)

As a proud Plymouthian I was amused to see Michael Collings rock up in his tracksuit, as if he had just been passing the train station that morning and thought "sod it, I'm going to Cardiff to audition for Britain's Got Talent. I'll get some muffins in the Spar to tide us over and we'll be back by teatime".

People have had a bit of a giggle at his relaxed attire, his "posh caravan site" home, and his Buffet City proposal to his fiance but do you know what? I love that this is who is representing our city, and not just because of his interesting, soulful, soothing voice.

Looking past the "sherbet leisurewear" I see a warm, funny and humble guy, representative of so many people who live in Plymouth, people I sit next to on the bus every morning, people I queue behind in the Co-Op and people who I watch fireworks with 'op the 'Oe every summer. According to his interview in The Herald, Michael says he might smarten up his look to a pair of jeans if he wins the show and performs in front of the Queen at the "what's it called again?" Royal Variety Show. I don't even know if I want him to do this, I vote he embraces his inner Plymouthian and goes onstage with his top off, hanging off the waistband of his joggers.

There's been a lot of talk about Michael being favourite to win the show - I doubt there are many people left in the country who have not seen the audition - but it's early days yet (remember early press for both Gamu and Danyl of X Factor fame) so I call for Plymouth to get behind our act and keep the support going strong!


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  1. This post appeared in Plymouth Evening Herald on Monday 2nd May 2011.