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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Car Booty!!!

Thanks to the person who told me the Car Boot starts at 6am on a Sunday up at Argyle...

Me and my sister Fiver, thought it was a bit strange that we were 4th and 5th in the queue to get in at 5.45am and were devastated to be informed that the gates actually opened at 7am. We couldn't even go and sit with each other while we waited as both our cars were so full of crap!
Here I am modelling the Car Boot Essential, a BUMBAG. I'm horrified to admit this was in my possession but feel I should stress I bought it to hold my sweets and suncream whilst I was running the Half Marathon this year. But I don't like to boast about my charity work...

If you remember, I wanted to do the car boot to raise some funds to put towards my bills.

Well, after the 5am start I was not expecting to go home with a measly £40 profit, taking back half of my junk with me. Turns out they will buy pretty much anything, except my stuff!
One lady asked me how much a blouse was and tried to get it for 25p when I said it was 50p! How much more of a bargain do you want love?! Someone else haggled over a brand new Estee Lauder nail varnish I was selling for 50p. They obviously don't know quality stuff when it's staring them in the face.
The absolute highlight of the morning was my sister selling a shisha pipe given to her as a holiday souvenir to some grandma for £2. Here's Fiver and me enticing our customers...

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