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Thursday, 4 February 2010

V-Day Imaginary Shopping Trip

I LOVE shopping. I LOVE buying presents. I HATE having no money...

Personally come February I am usually more psyched about Pancake Day than Valentine's Day but nonetheless, in the absence of hitting the shops myself I thought I would make some gift suggestions in case anyone is stuck for ideas...

For a quirky alternative to the traditional box of Black Magic picked up at the garage en route to see your beloved (yes, this DID happen to me), I love this Valentine's Selection Box of rare, retro and weird treats, £19.99 from

If I wasn't so horrifyingly skint, I would definitely be buying Mr G The Wand Remote Control, £49.99 from Compatible with TV, Digital Box, Stereo or anything else with infra-red control, you can programme up to 13 commands using pre-defined "gestures". On second thoughts, I might secretly buy it for myself instead and enjoy making the football magically disappear with a discreet flick of the wrist.

For cool T-Shirts, such as this little Lassie number, check out They have loads of vintage and witty tops, as well as other present ideas.

For make-up fans you can't really beat a bit of Benefit, just don't get talked into spending £90 by a pushy sales assistant like Mr G did on our first anniversary. Smokin' Eyes Kit £27.50,
And of course, if you really want to pull out all the stops this year, I fail to see how you can go wrong with a DOUBLE SLANKET, £39.95 from

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