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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Jesus Wept

I LOVED this story on thisisplymouth today entitled

"Family says 'Face of Jesus' appeared in Mum's Gum" (click to go to story)

about a girl who put her half-chewed gum on the mantlepiece whilst she ate some crisps on Good Friday, and when she went back to her gum saw the face of Jesus staring back at her.

I must admit the words "Jesus Christ" did spill from my lips when I saw the picture too. Although perhaps not for the same reasons as the Noden family.

By sheer coincidence whilst I paused to read the story I removed a half-eaten lemon bon bon from my mouth, placing it on my desk, so that I could have a Rich Tea biscuit with my cup of tea.

And can you believe it, when I went to finish my sweet, just look at what had happened..!

Yes! I know! Clear as the light of day, who has appeared in my bonbon?

It's Goosey Goosey Gandhi!

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