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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Missy G: An Apology

My actual Vision

Me and Mr G spent the Easter weekend in Cardiff visiting the In-Laws (my in-laws, not his, that would make us brother and sister).

On Sunday I had something of a strop when Mr G's sister, from here in known as Missy G, declared that we were going out for the evening.

I'm not one for buying into the madness of Bank Holiday drinking, I find everyone tends to get a bit over-excited and there's always trouble. Plus I hadn't packed anything for a "night out" eventuality. And ok...if the truth be told, I had been looking forward to the new episode of Jonathan Creek all weekend.

Anyway, after a minor tiff with my husband I decided to pony up, borrowed a dress, shoes, tights and handbag from Missy G and her friend and off we all went.

We went to a pub called The Claude where there was a live band playing. In spite of Missy G and her boyfriend very generously supplying the drinks all night, I managed to put in a slightly better show than the last time I went out and even suppressed any urges to provide backing vocals to the band.

Well, I say I put in a better show. That was until I decided it would be a good idea to join Missy G and friends on the dance floor, several shots into the night...

As is customary after this much alcohol, any song with even the tiniest amount of guitar warrants the showcasing of one of my all time favourite dance moves:
Strumming your leg like it's a guitar.
I thought it would be hilarious to incorporate my sister in-law into this display and she naively obliged.

Sadly I wasn't too steady on just the one foot, lost my balance and face-planted the both of us in a heap on the floor, directly in front of the stage.

Thankfully I was still teetering on the happy side of inebriation and, once we had been winched back to our feet by some sympathetic revellers, found the entire thing hilarious. Perhaps not as funny as the lead singer, mind you, who got the giggles mid way through the song.

Was a good night though! Thanks Eggy x

A quick update from the work night out I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. My boss was very gracious about the entire thing and told me not to be daft when I offered to reimburse him for the pink champagne I bought on his tab.

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