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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bootcamp: Another False Start

For one reason or another, I think Bootcamp has been knocked on the head before it even started.
Last week, me and The Boss wound each other up so much that he basically stood me up for our first training session.

In a grump, I decided to go on my own. Mr G very kindly offered to come with me, and knowing that I would probably just get as far as the park and then play on the swings if I went on my own, I agreed.

Well, the whole 15 minutes were a complete disaster, starting with me having to lie down to get into my running gear. I could understand the clothes being a little tight, but the trainers?! What's that all about?

As soon as we started, Mr G whizzed off ahead, making comments about how I run as fast as he walks, and then coming back and walking next to me to prove his point. I'm 5ft 2! Give me a break! One stride for me is like a fairy step for a normal person.

We ran for approx 1/4 mile (mostly downhill) until I got an incurable stitch and was forced to walk. Mr G carried on running whilst I hacked and wheezed my way back up Wolseley Road, bent over double, stopping only to trip over in front of an entire bus load of people.

By the time I got home I appeared to have developed asthma, as every time I breathed out my chest whistled.
Did I mention I hate exercise?

So after all that I felt like a total failure and wished I hadn't bothered. This time last year I was in training for the half marathon so could run 13 miles. I'd love to say I enjoyed it once I got into it but I won't lie. I bloody hated every second of it. However, I did enjoy being fit and toned, and that lovely healthy (smug) feeling you get when you lead a more active lifestyle.

The only way I'm going to get that feeling back is by getting over this initial hurdle of being at skillset 0 on the fitness front. But it's so booooring!
In an ideal world there would be some way I could bypass this stage and wake up moderately fit, but realistically I think I'm going to have to pony up and get on with it. I'm sure you can just feel the excitement buzzing off the page.

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