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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wooohooooo! Twittersphere I'm Over Here! Hello? Anyone?

In a bid to snare my first celebrity follower and spread Unworkinggirl love to the masses (repeat mantra: It WILL happen, it WILL happen, it WILL happen), I recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon - Look at me keeping up with all the latest trends, I might even invest in this new gadget I've heard about called a mobile telephone soon.

Anyway, back to Twitter... I'm having something of a love/hate relationship with it at the moment.

Basically, it is bringing out my inner stalker who is merely lurking below the surface of my very being and has been laying dormant since I managed to find a decent chap.

All these celebrities constantly tempting you in by updating their statuses but can you get a response from any of them? Can you heck. The trouble is, that just makes me get more and more desperate to get their attention.

Well, I'm many things if not determined so if you've got a Twitter account you can follow my progress @unworkinggirl, and if you haven't you can still keep track of my attempts on the right hand side of the blog.

Also feel free to share the blog with anyone you think will enjoy it, or get in touch with me if you have any comments or suggestions.

Right, I'm off to badger Mario & Lisa from Big Brother,
Thanks for reading,


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