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Friday, 19 November 2010

Daley Worship

I love Plymouth's Diving Sensation, Tom Daley.
I love the Daley family.

Watch this and you will too:

Clip from Tom Daley: The Diver and his Dad, BBC

Everyone I have spoken to who watched that documentary adores them too, so if you don't, congratulations, you are dead inside.  They are a typically warm, funny Plymothian family and it's a refreshing change to have some locals to be proud of.

I am going to make it my life's work to become an honorary member of the Daley Family and at the very least, join them down the Lord Louis for a carvo.

They seem to be rejecting my advances so far but this is HAPPENING.


  1. Ooh I hope your efforts work. He's always been my second favourite plymothian after you

  2. Hahaha Ems, I went to school with Tom's dad and uncle and his uncle is Jake's godfather, did you ever get your celebrity fan?, I could try and ask his uncle to get him to join but I don't know how much success I will have.... :) xxx

  3. The dad is so calm and it was cute when he suprised his son with furniture

  4. Haha I loved it when he climbed up the ladder and appeared in the window!