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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Don't Go a-Cruisin' if I'm a-Snoozin'

Not particularly happy news if you were aboard The Brilliance of The Seas cruise liner last night and were looking forward to your stopover in Egypt today, but nonetheless what I am about to present to you is irrefutable evidence that I am, in fact, actually, psychic.

I doubt it will be a surprise to anyone that I have odd dreams.
I have foreign language dreams, I have recurring dreams (hiding, and shopping, if you're interested) and I have unsettling dreams.
Last night, I had a dream about a boat sinking in a storm. It was a cruise ship. It nearly always is.

When I have a vivid dream about a cruise ship, something happens the next day. Usually involving cruise ships. I've dreamt about sinking ships, fires on ships, storms battering ships... And I'm telling you, the very next day something like this will be in the news.
Admit it everyone - I have special powers.

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